Yankee Building Movers Family Owned Business


While Yankee Building Movers enjoys moving any type of structure, we are particularly interested in helping to save the depleting supply of historic structures here in New England and especially in our home state of New Hampshire. We strive to give the best possible price to make any move affordable and will work with our clients to help them find alternate sources of funding for their moves.

Anyone can tell you that they don't build houses like they use to and that is exactly why we strive to work with clients to save as many of these precious historic structures as possible.

We also specialize in jacking homes that have been damaged by floods so new foundations can be built and raising camps/homes that are currently on posts that need full foundations or slabs.

Large Projects

Rich McCormack has worked on many large projects over his 42 years in the business. Recent large projects include the Newton Wellesly Hospital move, which weighed 850 tons and the Jay Covered Bridge in Jay, NY with 3G Construction (www.gratonconst.com). The covered bridge weighed approx. 90 tons and was 165 feet long. It was built on the side of the river and moved across a temporary bridge and slid across to the abutments. The most recent large move completed in the Spring of 2008 was the Tuttle Farmhouse located in Littleton, MA (below right and under 2008 Projects).

Small Projects

The majority of our projects have been smaller homes and camps that are in need of new foundations. These projects are done very quickly at a great low cost to the consumer!